About this blob

(Edited and updated, November 12, 2022)

The last time I edited this page was in 2019! Before the Pandemic. The world has changed, but there are only a few things I will change on this page.

The great thing about a blog (or blob) is that it’s fairly easy to write and publish. Being easy means it can be done quickly. But being done quickly, it can, given time, inevitably be done better. I don’t mean to be a sloppy or incoherent or even wordy(!) writer, but sometimes I am. So the other great thing about a blog—this one anyway—is that it is mine, and I can go back and tweak it, clean it up, tighten the prose, or add more detail as I choose. Which you can expect that I will do now and then. Looking back over the TEN YEARS! of blogging here, I may even completely yank some posts that I’d prefer not to be on display any longer, for whatever reason. It could happen. 🤣 That said…

I have created this blob as a place for me to express myself without the requirements of the workplace, my profession, income, or the restraints and values of other editors.

Until I decide otherwise to break out a topic into a blob of its own, I might write about T’ai Chi, Frisbee, surfing, travel, Macs, iOS, mobile technology, Beautiful Western Central New Jersey, or anything else I come up with.

I make no excuses for the language. I’m not a big fan of profanity, but it has its place.

THANK YOU for reading, and if you are so inclined AN EXTRA THANK YOU for using the Support Christo link to buy me a cup of coffee or make a contribution!

CAVEAT INTERWEB: The thoughts, opinions, words, values, and ideas, expressed in this blob, unless otherwise noted, are my own, and do not represent those of any of the companies, employers, or editors I have worked for, past, or present. Products, product names, logos, and so on are the property of their respective owners. Not only that, but without clearly stating so, there may be entries that are partly or entirely fictional, springing only from the wells of my imagination. Caveat lector.  I may include links or provide other tools and devices to monetize this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Caveat emptor.

See you on the inkernet.

— Christo

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