Lying and the Age Thing – Online Dating

I took the leap and signed up for the online dating services. Does that mean I am really “ready” to meet women on the Internet and go out? After a few days of this, it means I’m ready to stop looking at pictures and profiles and meet real people face to face. Or even, just meet them on Facetime and have a two-way conversation.

Lying and the Age Thing:
When I told a friend that I doubted any younger woman would want to date a fifty-five year old man, he suggested, “Lie about your age. Everybody does on those sites anyway.” Really? Well, I’m not lying, I’m just dealing with the consequences…it just doesn’t seem right to start out a potential relationship based on a falsehood. You could fudge it like a woman in one profile – She came up in a search as “40 year old”, but in her profile she said, “Actually, I’m fourty-four, but I wanted to get in the search range”, (for an age I’m NOT, she could have added.) Is that lying or not? I’m lying to the search engine you’re using, but I’m not really lying to you. Right.

Most people would lie to tell you they are younger, non? And many do. There are puh-lenty of ladies who say they are fourty, but when you look at the pictures you think, NO WAY is she fourty! In fact, I saw a “fifty year old” that I swear must be sixty-five. And if she’s not, she must have lived one helluva hard life. I mean, we are all sensitive about our age, and getting old, and looking old. But let’s just deal with it. Shit, when I see myself in the mirror, I see a guy with a full head of hair, but I know to most people I am bald. And my face—I know I have some scars and “laugh lines” that would make you think I’m Mr. Happy, but I never think of myself as having a “hard” face like James Woods, but I probably do. I have a face with character. Denial is a powerful, and sometimes wonderful thing. But when it comes to the online dating game, the truth will out sooner or later. Why fake it up front and annoy people??

But why would you claim to be OLDER? I’m talking about really attractive, even hot, young women who list their age as 35 or 40. And there is just no way. These girls are in their twenties. Have you figured it out yet? Because I think the answer is that they are gold diggers looking to hook an older man who has enough sense to say he is interested in a woman in her thirties. Look at these girls’ profiles. To me the giveaway is that they are interested in a man between fourty and sixty-five, i.e. old enough to have money, young enough to give it to a young girl. When you look at the other match requirements it’s no preference, no preference, no preference. And if they reveal their income, it’s a pittance. Their description often reads like gobbledy gook from a Russian immigrant wannabe. “I’m pretty girl, good cook, make you happy in nice big house in USA.” Jeez. This is true more of, the MySpace of dating services, than of eHarmony. And there is more dreck the lower you go down the quality of these services. It’s like porn, you see these sexy girls, but it’s fake, or if they are real, you can’t have them, unless you buy them. After awhile I feel dirty looking at the profiles and I don’t want to see them any more.

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