Pictures Please!! Online Dating

Pictures, Please!!
For God’s sake this is the 21st century, and unless we are blind, we want to see what the other person looks like. I don’t think you can even call that shallow any more. It’s realistic. Who doesn’t want to see a potential date? If you can find someone who actually says they don’t care; stay away, because if they’re not lying, they’re crazy. So put up a photo, or don’t bother with this whole online dating thing. Seriously.

Make it a good one. If you’re going to post a fuzzy, low resolution photo, then don’t bother. That’s aggravating. And while you are at it, post more than one. Give me an idea of what you look like now, and very recently. (Tip: Skip the rest of this paragraph if my being blunt is going to offend you. God! I wouldn’t want that!) It drives me nuts to see a sexy lady in the first image on her Profile, and my reaction is, hey, she looks great for forty! And as I go through the pictures, in each one, she gets older, and fatter, and greyer! Look, I was a young Adonis in my twenties:


I was thin! I had muscles! I had hair! But I do not look like that now, and it doesn’t matter to anyone who wants to date me now, what I looked like that many years ago! Get with the program people!! Pictures, good pictures, recent pictures, plenty of pictures.

Picture Pet Peeves. Please don’t post a picture where you’ve cropped out your ex-husband or old boyfriend. These pictures always look just like a photo where someone has cropped out their ex-husband or old boyfriend. Sometimes your ex-husband’s head or arm is still in the picture. Jeez. You can do better than that.

And please!! I am BEGGING here. PLEASE don’t post any pictures of your pets! If I see another picture of a Pekinese with your socks in his mouth, or a woman lying in the grass with her Doberman, or a woman with mussed hair, her face dripping with sweat, standing with pride and a very satisfied look next to her horse, I am going to scream! I don’t have to love your pets, okay? They’re pets! It’s a dog! Save it for YouTube. Please.

This post was extracted from my original post on Online Dating-that one was about Lying, and this is really a different topic…

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