It’s Still Too Hard to Write!!

I am a writerI have written. All I want to do on this blob is write the things I want to write. I have things to say, I want to write and post them. When I started this blob, it was my intention to create and write it on my iPad, push the limits of the device, find the best solutions, and prove it was possible. It’s been a hard battle, and a frustrating one. Because the awkwardness and stupidity and inconvenience of using the available tools have created a hesitation on my part to write when I want to. Pain—mental or emotional—is a powerful conditioner. And I have been conditioned to just hold off on my writing. Or to summarize my thoughts into tweets. An interesting exercise, reducing it all to the least number of characters. But tweeting is not writing. 

WordPress Hah! Until now, I’ve been fighting with the “official” WordPress app for the iPad. It was free. It was official. It ought to work well. Instead it was buggy, slow, awkward. Infuriating at times. I have over many years, as a surfer of technology, had to be patient, waiting for the improvements that were so obviously needed, the ideas that had not met fruition. The mistakes in interface and execution that needed to be fixed. Sometimes we could take a huge leap from one OS to another, such as DOS to MacOS and make these great advances in a single step. Too often, that step would open our eyes to the new limitations and sometimes we had to wait, again. A revolutionary tool like the Mac, when first released, was hindered by hardware limitations—a single 128k floppy drive, making it necessary to “swap” disks to save a file, or load a program. It seemed like forever before Apple could manufacture and release a second, external 128k drive (and for only $400!!) We had to wait for Microsoft Word for the Mac before we could create documents longer than 20 pages, because Apple MacWrite saved to MEMORY not DISK. These limitations now seem inconceivable! But with the iPad, with iOS, it is the same.

I’m trying BlogPad Pro. The fact that I have written these few paragraphs already is encouraging. It is not a beautiful App, but it seems fairly well designed and very functional. I want to check out the Markup and HTML support. And in a moment, I will see how well it can post a quick blob entry. Wish me luck friends!

Written on my iPad!!!

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