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🦜 5G NYT and the Pharoah of Fallacy

I had hoped to be done with 5G. The New York Times recently hinted that the 5G towers, sprouting from New York sidewalks like some billionaire’s dream of space flight, are UGLY, but about 5G, NYT still insists on inserting their own bias that “some have expressed unfounded fears“.

5G is a big topic, and I’ve been there more than I like, but 5G safety isn’t really that complicated. Since there hasn’t been any long term continuous exposure to 5G, long-term studies of continuous exposure to 5G Radiation don’t exist. 5G hasn’t been around that long. No evidence. Good or bad. Zilch.

If anyone tells you 5G is safe—or not safe—they are making assumptions.

Next, media that engages in gigantic million-dollar partnerships with people or corporations (such as the one between the New York Times and Verizon) should advise the reader of the potential conflict of interest in its reporting. The appearance of association damages believability and truth.

Dear New York Times,
Good journalism, with an honest, unbiased phrasing, would look something like this:

“…some have expressed fears of as yet unproven health issues with 5G”.

(For the sake of transparency, The New York Times acknowledges it is engaged in a 5G joint venture with Verizon.)


Lastly, If you have strong political leanings, skip the next paragraph so we can remain friends.

Doctor Davis and the Pharoah of Fallacy
Another “negative association”: Dr. Devra Davis of Environmental Health Trust, who I respected, chose to participate in a one hour interview with Fox News “host” Tucker Carlson in Dec. of 2021 to discuss the dangers of 5G. (I will not include a link to Fox.) TC’s sensational drama-mongering and promotion of whacko conspiracy theories, support of Putin specifically, and fascism in general, have done more to harm truth and Democracy than any other media personality. (Sorry Bannon.) Dr. Davis’s Fox interview makes EHT look like a league of tin-foil-hat conspiracists. Too bad.

There is still hope. There is still good journalism. And if you want to learn more about flawed studies and the possible risks of cellular radiation, read the excellent VOX article. “A comprehensive guide to the messy, frustrating science of cellphones and health.”

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